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At California Trinity School of Business, we prioritize student learning and provide the necessary resources to help students achieve their goals. Our students have access to two dynamic platforms that provide a wealth of resources to support their academic endeavors. Moodle is our primary platform for digital learning resources such as course materials and interactive quizzes, while Gradelink is a portal for students to access their grades. We believe that these resources are essential to helping our students stay on track and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn how you can enroll in our program and gain access to these powerful learning resources.


Through Moodle, you will find the learning materials for the classes. CTSB uses this online learning management platforms to complement its on-campus instruction. Course materials, references and videos are delivered using the Moodle Learning Management System.



School ID: 1308
You have access to Gradelink, a web-based Student Information System, to stay updated on academic progress, to get information on class assignments and attendances, and to obtain course grades.

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