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At California Trinity School of Business, our MBA program is designed to offer a unique and unparalleled educational experience. We offer a wide range of specializations including finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship to give our students a competitive edge in the market. Choose a concentration that suits your interests and career goals and set yourself up for success.

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides students with business skills, knowledge, competency and practical experience to become effective managers and leaders in their fields of business.

Graduates of the MBA program are trained to communicate effectively, think critically, and use analytic tools and innovative approaches to support business decisions. The program also develops future business leaders with strong ethical standards and social responsibility.


The MBA degree program has one or more concentration areas available for you to choose from.

Entrepreneurship Concentration


The MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship prepares students to pursue a career in small business management by learning how to design, launch and run a new business.

Management Information Systems Concentration


The MBA Concentration in Management Information Systems prepares students to manage an information system business.

Accounting Concentration


The MBA Concentration in Accounting prepares students to pursue a career in the accounting and taxation profession.

MBA Concentration in International Business and Management


The MBA Concentration in International Business and Management introduces students to the complexities of international business so that they can apply their understanding to other fields of management to make more effective business decisions.

Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students

This institution is provisionally approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to offer degree programs.  To continue to offer degree programs, this institution must meet the following requirements:

  • Become institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States  Department of  Education, with the scope of the accreditation covering at least one degree program.

  • Achieve accreditation candidacy or pre-accreditation, as defined in regulations,  by  July  1, 2017, and full accreditation by July 1, 2022.

If this institution stops pursuing accreditation, it must:

  • Stop all enrollment in its degree programs, and

  • Provide a teach-out to finish the educational program or provide a refund.

An institution that fails to comply with accreditation requirements by the required dates shall have its approval to offer degree programs automatically suspended.

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