Student Records

Student Records and Retention Policy

CTSB student records of enrollments, grades and units earned, degree studied and/or obtained, graduation dates and transcripts are stored permanently in CTSB’s secure data system. CTSB also retains physical files of the records containing the admission applications, executed enrollment agreements, financial records, and course registrations.


CTSB policies concerning the protection and confidentiality of the student records are in compliance with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students have the right to inspect their records during the normal business hours and demand correction if discrepancies are found. CTSB regulates and limits access to students’ records and does not disclose students’ records without the written consent of the students. Students have the right to file a complaint with the Department of Education should a student believe his or her rights under FERPA have been denied.


It is the policy of CTU to ensure accuracy of each student’s records. However, students have the right to make certain that their records are accurate.

Privacy of Student Records

In order to minimize the risk of improper disclosure of students’ records, access to students’ records are strictly controlled and regulated. Student’s transcript of academic performance contains only information concerning academic status and performance. Information concerning disciplinary action or advising files shall not available to unauthorized persons.

Access to Student Records

Access to students’ records will be permitted to all the pertinent administrators, faculty and staff during the normal business hours under following conditions:
1. When performing their assigned duties, such as academic, personal or job placement advising;
2. When evaluating student’s graduation requirement;
3. When complying with a judicial order or subpoena;
4. When authorized federal or state officials are conducting official business, such as qualitative assessment of CTSB’s educational programs by the state regulatory and/or accrediting agency; and
5. When access to student’s records are given written consent by the student.
Students may obtain copies of their unofficial transcripts from the Registrar. Official transcripts are only sent directly to other schools/ agencies. No one outside of the institution shall have access to, nor will the University disclose any information from a student’s academic records without written consent of the student.

Student Directory Information

In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, CTSB regards the following information about students enrolled at CTU as public information and may be included in the Student’s Directory unless specifically requested by the student that such information not be disclosed in the CTSB’s Student Directory:
1. Student’s name,
2. Student’s local address and telephone number, and
3. Student’s class standing.
Those students, who do not wish to disclose the above information in the Student Directory should contact the Registrar.