Student Email Account

On registering for the first time at CTSB, students are provided with a email account that is assigned through the duration of the program. Usage of the school email account is subject to the condition that it should primarily be used for communicating with faculty, staff and fellow students, and should not be used for non-academic or commercial purposes such as soliciting or marketing activities.

Student ID Card

As a CTSB student, applying for a Student ID card is mandatory. The card contains the student’s official photo and is distributed at the start of their first quarter. A fee of $20 is charged for each Student ID Card. If a student loses her/his ID card, they must purchase a new card from the Office of Student Services. Student ID cards are required to register for class, access to campus library, and for other various school events.


Students have access to to stay updated on their academic progress at CTSB and get information on their attendance. The following information is available on Gradelink:

  1. Current Grades in each class
  2. Current GPA for the term, if applicable
  3. Descriptions, Grades, and Professors’ Comments for graded assignments
  4. Email Alerts for grades and attendance
  5. Attendance Information

Students can obtain from the administration office their login credentials and other instructions.


The CTSB e-newsletter, designed as a quick and easy way to keep up with current campus news, events, updates, reminders and new faculty introduction. It is emailed to all students, staffs and faculties each quarter during the academic year. The newsletter is produced by the Office of Student Services.