Student Services


The University maintains a library located on the 3rd floor that houses a collection of books and reference materials in the areas of business, management, accounting, investments, finance, information technology, and information management. A student can use the library facilities, check out books using their school ID, and access online library resources to conduct research and to complement their learning experience. The library also provides Wi-Fi internet access, printing and copying services, and ample study areas.
Library hours:
9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday
Closed on Sunday

Computer Laboratories

The University has a computer laboratory that is equipped with Internet-connected personal computers with Microsoft Office productivity tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and database that students can use during class room instruction. If no classes are being held, a student can request access from the administrative staff to use the computer laboratory to do assignments, projects and research.
Computer Laboratory hours (except when classes are being held)
9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday
Closed on Sunday

Educational Equipment

All classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector, projector screen, whiteboard, and laptop. Microsoft Office educational licenses are available for use depending on course requirements.

Student Email Account

On first time registration, students are provided with a email account that is assigned through the duration of the program. Usage of the university email account is subject to the condition that it should primarily be used for communicating with faculty, staff and fellow students, and should not be used for non-academic or commercial purposes such as soliciting or marketing activities.


Students have access to to stay updated on their academic progress at CTU and get information on class assignments, projects and due dates. The following information is available on Gradelink:
• Current Grade in each class
• Current GPA for the term, if applicable
• Descriptions, Grades, and Professors’ Comments for graded assignments
• Descriptions and Due Dates for upcoming assignments
• Assignment handouts or documents (attachments)
• Email Alerts for grades and attendance
• Attendance Information

Students can obtain from the administration office their login credentials and other instructions.

Academic Advising and Counseling

CTU administrators, faculty members and counselors are easily accessible and are willing to spend time with students to provide counselling. Counseling hours (by appointment) are from 10:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Counseling on overall academic planning, course selection and other types of academic counseling in needs of students can be obtained from the head of the respective academic departments and the Academic Dean.

On Campus Employment

On Campus employment is available to qualified students who would like to share their knowledge and expertise to CTU and its students. Students may apply for part-time jobs as an assistant to student services and admission.

Community Involvement

CTU is located in the central area of Los Angeles, among most diverse cities in the world. The school encourages its student to participate in local community events, and volunteer in missions and nonprofit organizations as part of the school’s community outreach that widen the student’s experience and social awareness.

Student Lounge

The student lounge is located inside the library where the student can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a quiet setting. The student lounge and all classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled to ensure that students have access to the internet for research and/or classroom projects and activities.


The school cafeteria is located on the 5th floor where students can eat, study, relax and socialize with fellow students. The cafeteria opens out to a rooftop where students take in the view of Mount Lee, the Santa Monica Mountains and the iconic Hollywood sign in the distant background.


There is a student parking lot available within the CTU facility. Additional parking is available on the street adjacent to the University.


CTU does not provide campus housing to students and has no responsibility in finding or assisting students in finding housing. The school, however, can refer students to resources that will aid in the search for appropriate living arrangements. There are ample housing opportunities within the immediate vicinity of the school ranging from studio apartments, one- or two-bedroom apartments, to private room rentals in a family home. Monthly rental cost can range from approximately $900 to $1,500 per month, depending on the unit. The student will be solely responsible and liable for all agreements and transactions entered into with the landlord. The school will not be liable for the student’s conduct on a rental property or for any financial transactions entered into between the student and the landlord.

Placement Services

CTU does not offer placement services to the student in any of its programs.