Message from the President

Norman Montrose

President of California Trinity University

Welcome to California Trinity University.  Our faculty and staff offer you the support necessary to help bring your educational ambitions to fruition. California Trinity University ‘s MBA program will help you acquire the business knowledge, leadership skills, and ethics needed to succeed in your chosen field.

Investing in your higher education is one of the wisest and long-lasting decisions one can make. The staff at California Trinity University is passionately committed to the success of each student’s journey of learning and their desire to make a positive contribution to their respective community. Our teaching faculty is passionate about teaching and strives to keep their classrooms interesting, current and dynamic.

CTU is committed to student success. If you choose to be part of our academic community, the president, faculty and staff of California Trinity University will be your partners throughout your entire journey.

We look forward to you becoming part of our student body, a future alumni of California Trinity University, and a future leader.