Student Services


Students are oriented to the University and its Program by the Academic Dean during the student’s application interview.  This is when program costs, probable length of time to acquire the degree, school policies and other matters are discussed before matriculation.

A school-wide orientation is held at the start of every quarter to ensure that students and faculty are updated and in tune with school events.

Academic Advising and Counseling

One of the advantages of attending a small institution, such as CTU is that administrators, faculty members and counselors are easily accessible and are willing to spend a considerable amount of time in providing all types of counselling to students. Counselling hours are available by appointment from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Counselling on overall academic planning, course selection and other types of academic counselling can be scheduled with the head of the respective academic departments or with the Academic Dean.

On Campus Employment

On Campus employment is available to qualified students who would like to share their knowledge and expertise with CTU and its students.  Students may apply for part-time jobs as an assistant to student services and admission.

CTU also offers assistance in resume writing, letter writing, and answering interview questions.

English Tutoral

CTU offers English tutorial to all incoming freshmen to ensure that students whose mother tongue is not English learn the language timely so as to maximize their learning abilities.

Cultural Activities and Field Trips

Majority of CTU students are international students mostly from Asia.  To enhance their stay in California and to learn more about Los Angeles, CTU offers cultural activities and field trips in and around Los Angeles area such as, but not limited to: boat tours in coordination with the Port of Los Angeles, participation in LA Area Chamber events, and participation in business events, among others.

Community Involvement

CTU is located in the Central Los Angeles area, one of the most diverse cities in the world.  CTU believes that participation in community events such as: local pageants, and voluntary services in nonprofit organizations, such as Midnight Mission, among others, are part of its outreach to communities and services to its students.  MSOM students also participate in voluntary missions to provide alternative medical services to the community.


The University’s library is located on the 3rd floor. It has a sizable collection of books and periodicals on Acupuncture, Asian Medicine, Herbology, Oriental Philosophy and Western Medicine which are available in three different languages, such as Chinese, Korean and English. The library has many references on Acupuncture and Oriental medicine that are currently available in English. Users have access to major health science databases as the school is networked to a fast Internet link.

Student Lounge

The student lounge is located inside the library where the student can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a quite setting. The student lounge and all classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled to ensure that students have access to the internet for research and/or classroom projects and activities.


There is a cafeteria for students located on the 5th floor where students eat, study, relax and socialize with fellow students. The cafeteria opens out to a rooftop where students can enjoy the fresh California air and take in the view of the famous Hollywood sign in the distant background.


There is a student parking lot available within the CTU facility. Additional parking is available on the street adjacent to the University.


CTU staff can provide new students guidance and assistance in establishing appropriate living arrangements. There are ample housing opportunities within the immediate vicinity of CTU ranging from studio apartments, one and two bedroom apartments, and private room rental in a family home. Monthly rental cost can range from approximately $1,300 to $1,5000 per month, depending on the unit. It will be the student, however, who will be solely responsible and liable for all agreements and transactions entered into with the landlord. CTU does not take any responsibility and will not be liable for the student’s conduct and on rental property or for any financial transactions entered into between the student and his/her landlord.