About California Trinity University

collag Welcome to California Trinity University. We believe that our school offers its students an outstanding and unique educational experience. CTU’s faculty and its staff work closely with the students to ensure their academic success, and we have a great student services to help students meet their academic objectives.

California Trinity University is located along Beverly Blvd west of Downtown Los Angeles. The campus is situated within range of many famous locations and attractions such as The Grove, Hollywood, Koreatown, Dodgers Stadium, Chinatown, and the Staples Center. From the school roof-top, you can catch a view of the iconic Hollywood Sign and the towering high-rises of Downtown Los Angeles. The school’s prime location in vibrant Los Angeles attracts students from all over the world.

The school occupies 12,000 square feet on two floors within a building campus and consists of an auditorium, a classroom, a computer laboratory, administrative office, library with stacks, student’s lounge, faculty offices and conference areas, and parking space as well as street parking.